Nelson Garcia was born October sixth, 1955
in the village of Santo Domingo Pueblo, New Mexico. He was raised in a large family made up of four brothers and four sisters. One of the eldest, he matured early and with a good heart, shared in the responsibilities of his youth. From working in the fields with his brothers or watching the trade of his father, the seeds of perfection were sown.

His father, Joe Jay Garcia, was a silversmith with talents in traditional designs and Heishi necklaces. From studying his fathers workmanship more than a talent was formed. Nelson learned that any job can be completed but if not done correctly, it is a pointless task. In his grade school years he created his first works. Buying silver from his uncle, he would make silver cones that are used as the ending tips to a Heishi necklace. Once completed, he would walk throughout the village selling his silver cones to the many artists. Who knew that these elements would lay foundations to greater achievements in the years to come.

After high school Nelson said farewell to the comforts of home and in 1974 moved to Phoenix, Arizona. In school and full of optimism, he would begin the next chapter to his life. He started working in a local jewelry store as a silversmith. Once again studying his surroundings, this experience would give him the momentum to go into business for himself. As time passed, like every man he would find his happiness. In 1975 he married his wife Helen, a Navajo from the Naakaii Dine’e clan. A year later his first child was born, a daughter whom they would name Coreen.

 To any business the early years define character and will. In 1983 with a newborn son, AAron, he decided to go into business for himself. With his creations packed and loaded into his car he drove to Page, Arizona for his first Art show. That Saturday he would make his first sale as an independent artist. Sadly, that would be his only sale for that day. One ring, in which he had to debate the price, but was finally sold. With a fresh fourteen dollars in hand, one would think dread would set in. Showing resilience he drove the next day to the Coconino center in Flagstaff, Arizona. This bold step would define his business ethic. He would attend this next art show with high hopes and patient hands. Driving home later that night with four-hundred eighty dollars in his pocket, his American dream had become a reality.

 As the year’s have passed, Nelson has won many distinguished awards at some of the nations largest art exhibits. From the Santa Fe Indian Market to Red Earth in Oklahoma city. His jewelry has traveled into the heart of Europe with shows in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. He has formed relationships of trust with his many customers in the western world. Assured perfection in his work is what should be expected. Only selecting the finest stones and designing the most careful expressions. He lives a life of success in Phoenix to this day with his wife and family.